Excellent & Affordable Waxing for Women 
We'll Get You Out of Your Hairy Situation

Our job is to make you look and feel good by removing hair in the most gentle way possible. The thought of waxing can make the toughest person wince so we're committed to your comfort. We use only the very best waxing products available and friendly service is our guarantee.

Brazilian waxing is our specialty! We use only the finest no-strip European wax that promises little to no redness—even on the most sensitive skin.  Our wax is specifically designed for bikini & Brazilian waxing—effective on tough, stubborn hair, all geared towards making the waxing process less painful as possible.

Our technicians are Hawaii state licensed Estheticians that perform at the highest standards of service, and proper sanitation and sterilization is maintained at all times.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us with any concerns. Our consultations are always private, honest and free!

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