Specializing in Brazilian and Bikini Waxing only

  • Bikini:  starting at $30+

  • Brazilian:  $55  

  • Brazilian maintenance (within *6 weeks):  $45 

*Exceptions made dependent on each client's hair growth cycle*


  • Certain medical conditions and medications are prohibitive to waxing. Clients using prescription retinols, accutane, blood thinners, steroids should not receive waxing services. A client should always check with their physician or contact Bare Minimum Hawaii ahead of time if they are concerned they might be at risk for waxing sensitivity or otherwise be in conflict of a treatment.

  • For a first time appointment, please allow the hair to grow to approx. 1/2 inch long for optimal results.  Hair that is too short is not easily removed, especially if it is coarse. If you have recently shaved, please allow about 2-4 weeks of growth.

  • If your hair is over 1 inch long, please trim prior to your appointment for the best result. 

  • For those worried about discomfort, we recommend taking Motrin or Advil and to avoid caffeine prior to your appointment.

  • You may wax during your menstrual cycle but be advised that you may have increased sensitivity during and a few days prior and after your cycle.

  • Exfoliate!  

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